Evaluate Your Customer Experience – 3 Reasons Why


Why should you take the time to evaluate your customer experience?

After all, there are a million and one other things that need to be done to keep your business running smoothly – right?

But the truth is, that customer service is the new battleground in business.

As put in the words of Jim Bush, EVP of American Express,

“There are many who subscribe to the convention that service is a business cost, but our data demonstrates that superior service is an investment that can help drive business growth.”

So with that thought in mind, here are three helpful reasons why it’s necessary to take stock of your customer experience.


1. Doing so gives you an overall picture of how things are really going

It’s often difficult to see the bigger picture when you are stuck in the minutiae of running a business day to day. Especially as there are many immediate needs to take care of.

A definite benefit of looking at your business from the ‘outside’ helps you see if you’re on course with your service aims, or have started drifting.


2. Provides you with the opportunity to see what you’re doing well at

Once you know your success points you can congratulate yourself and your team on what’s working.

Being able to identify your fans means you can thank them for continuing to support your business.
It also gives you the advantage of finding out what they really want, and work out how to deliver it to them. You can then ’employ’ them as part of your marketing strategy with rewards for referring new customers etc.


3. Allows you to see what’s not working so well

There’s always room for improvement, even in companies with good service levels.
But admitting there are issues to deal with is the first step towards finding a solution. Doing so requires bravery and demonstrates a genuine commitment to improvement.

After identifying what the challenges are, analysing why specific areas are not working then gives you the insight needed to make changes. This allows you to draw up a definite plan of action to start seeing improvement.

So there are a few reasons to get you thinking about your current levels of customer service. If you haven’t seriously reviewed this in the past 12 months, or ever at all, contact Finer Future for a free consultation.

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